The GYROKINESIS®  technique uses a rhythmic and undulatory movement system.
The exercises allow you to work on the whole body through seven natural movements of the spine: forward, backward, right, left, right twist and left twist. The postures are not held for too long and the movement is always connected to the breathing which stimulates the nervous system, opens the energy channels and helps the body to release waste and toxins that will be carried away by the oxygenated blood. Classes start from the sitting position and also develop supine, prone and standing positions.

GYROKINESIS® revitalises the body by increasing fluidity, power and relaxation while always keeping perfect harmony.


  • Improves spine flexibility
  • Strengthens the muscles of the whole body
  • Promotes energy and balance
  • Aids in awareness and proprioception


Everyone, of all ages

Those who suffer from lower back pain and back pain

Pre-and post-partum women